Brentford beat Everton

Premier League: Everton 2-3 Brentford

Brentford posted a hard-earned 3-2 victory. The smart money placed on visiting club proved to be just that, but only just: The favourites could manage only a narrow victory over their opponents. Brentford pleased their fans the first time out with a 1-0 home victory.

The Brentford manager showed confidence in his previous decisions, fielding the same starting lineup from the previous game.

With nothing else scored, Everton finished the first half in the lead. Brentford took Bech Sörensen off the pitch before the second half began, replacing him with Janelt. A double substitution in the 72nd minute brought Kenny and Gray out onto the pitch to replace André Gomes and Gordon. Brentford finished the game with a 3-2 victory.

As the season comes to an end, Everton find themselves in 16th place with 36 points. Everton have lost 20 times this season. And so, with just ten wins coupled with six draws, the outlook is decidedly gloomy.

Brentford is calling No Man's Land home with just 46 points to their name as the season goes into its final furlong. Brentford need to improve their somewhat-scanty record, given that they are tallying 13 wins, 17 losses, and seven draws. Brentford have been consistent in their last five games, gaining ten points.

Everton will play at home against Crystal Palace on Thursday.


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