Everton pick up their first away win

Premier League: Leicester City 2-1 Everton

A single goal was all that separated the two teams: Leicester City won 2-1. The victory of home side over Everton came as no surprise.

Leicester maintained their starting lineup. Everton, in contrast, decided to take 591936, 593366, and 599026 out and replace them with 593506, 593556, and 594926.

The first half finished without further incident. Leicester City secured a 2-1 victory.

So far this season, no one taking on Leicester at home have managed to leave with a victory. After 13 games and only two defeats, Leicester City are on a roll with 29 points in the bank. With only eight goals against them, Leicester find themselves with the Premier League 's best defence. Leicester City have won six games in a row, a feat that positions them as the league's Golden Boys.

Everton have only managed to bring home four points from their games on the road. Away team find themselves unable to get out of the table's lower half. They are currently ranked 10th. Everton are on a roll with four wins, five losses, and two draws.

Next up for Leicester is a date with FC Watford. For Everton, the same day will see them take to the pitch against Liverpool.