Neither FC Watford nor Everton claim the victory

Premier League: FC Watford 0-0 Everton

Despite being the favourite, Everton came away with just a 0-0 draw away against FC Watford. The betting odds had favoured Everton before the game. But the match itself was a different story. FC Watford took a clear 5-2 victory in the first game between the two.

The first half ended without incident. Neither FC Watford nor Everton managed to pull away from the other, leaving the final result a draw.

FC Watford have 23 points and are 19th in the league. FC Watford are struggling with their offensive abilities with just 32 goals in their favour. A victory for FC Watford last came seven games ago.

Everton go into the close of the season with 36 points, making them 16th in the league. Everton were unable to build on their winning streak of two matches.

FC Watford play at home to Leicester City on Sunday. Elsewhere on the same day, Everton are set to meet Brentford.


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