Win boosts Burnley in the table

Premier League: West Ham United 0-1 Burnley

In a match in which they did not shine, West Ham United lost 1-0 at home to Burnley in their last game of the season. Burnley did little more than produce a workman-like victory over their opponents. Visiting club took a clear 3-0 victory in the first game between the two.

Rodriguez scored with a header in the 38th minute, taking the score to 1-0. The score was close at half-time, with Burnley slightly ahead. West Ham were not able to surmount the lead opened up against them in the first half. The three points went to Burnley at the close of the game.

A disappointing season comes to an end for West Ham United, who find themselves in 15th place and packing their bags for relegation. The record for worst defence of the season, if there was one, would go to West Ham, who managed to concede 57 goals. West Ham United finish the season with seven wins, 18 losses, and five draws. It's a situation that must stick in the craw of West Ham: Their season comes to an end with just four points in their last five games.

Burnley find themselves in the mid-table position of sixth as the season comes to a close. Burnley can give themselves a pat on the back as the season ends with a record of 13 wins, 11 losses, and five draws. Burnley showed a good finish to the season with 10 points in their last five games. Such a good conclusion will give them a thirst for a higher position when it all restarts.

West Ham United will play at home against FC Watford on Friday. Burnley will visit Liverpool on Saturday.


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